Darn Snow – Poem

That evil four-letter word is here,
That malevolent sign of cold.
That winter thing occurring every year,
That makes all  your joints feel old.

Hell has frozen over once again,
all reflections are blinding bright.
A shoveling fight you cannot win,
against that Devil of winter white.

it’s very dangerous on the ground,
even worse when it begins to blow.
Not a single blade of grass can be found,
Yes, its all about that darn snow!

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Counting Down to Christmas with Relatives – Poem

With 25 days left, you start to celebrate,

24 days left, you already regret how much you ate.

23 days left, the shoppers are all around,

22 days left, that present is no where to be found.

21 days left, doubts about the family getting together,

20 days left, hear from relatives you’d never talk to, ever.

19 days left, all your money is already gone and spent,

18 days left, your Christmas list has hardly a dent.

17 days left, you wish Christmas was already here,

16 days left, now you just can’t wait for the New Year.

15 days left, frustrations are at their peak,

14 days left, solitude is now what you seek.

13 days left, relatives start showing up at your door,

12 days left, you wonder how you survived the year before.

11 days left, family togetherness is so much fun,

10 days left, you wish you could just shoot someone.

9 days left, all your food has been eaten,

8 days left, you feel like you’ve been beaten.

7 days left, the kids try to sneak presents out,

6 days left, you have no voice, from having to shout.

5 days left, you pray for Christmas to come a little faster,

4 days left, which idiot got you the abs master?

3 days left, you wish they would all just leave,

2 days left, are you really related, it’s hard to believe.

1 day left, it suddenly doesn’t seem so bad,

Merry Christmas, and remember all the good times you’ve had.

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Every year around this time – Poem

Every year around this time, Joy and good wishes are all around, but we forget the other end of the bell’s chyme, those people whose happiness is seldom found. Where for us this season is merry, they’re drenched in hopeless tears, and while we worry about how many presents to carry, they’re lost to their pain and fears. While we feast and decide which songs to sing, they bury memories and dreams they once cherished, and while our families have good tidings to bring, all that they’ve loved has faded or perished. So this year as the snow starts to fall, reach out with your heart to everyone you see, because love and joy was meant for us all, and it’s what the spirit of Christmas was truly meant to be.

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You Impact the world – Think about it.

Everything you have and everything you do is a blessing. Every moment of every day, you impact the lives of so many. Even if you’ve spent the day alone, the ripples of previous days are still going strong. You simply cannot avoid impacting the lives of others. In fact, the only choice you have in this is whether that impact will be a positive or negative one. Choose wisely.

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The Struggle is Real – Poem

Fighting through all those years,
Fighting back all those tears,
Fighting among all my peers,
Nothing has yet to heal.

Pushing beyond the pain,
Pushing through the rain,
Pushing again and again,
Nothing ever has the right feel.

Rising beyond the hate,
Rising to change my fate,
Rising to clean the slate,
Nothing brings a new deal.

Yet there’s no giving up today,
There’s no giving in to dismay,
In Life, there’s always a way,
The Struggle is real.


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What Thanks is worth giving – Poem

In a world of Chaos, Give thanks just to be alive. In a world without cause, Give thanks that we still thrive. In a world hanging by a thread, Give thanks that there’s still hope. In a world where religion is force fed, Give thanks that we can still cope. In a world where joy may be lost, Give thanks that we still have Love. In a world with a terrible cost, Give thanks to the Lord above. Although our future is uncertain, and our fate is yet unclear. We can take comfort behind our curtain, and Give thanks for this time of year. Happy Thanksgiving.

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Yellow Snow – Poem

With all the beauty the winter can give,

And all the warmth this season can show,

An important warning to which you must live,

No matter what, avoid eating yellow snow.

A silly warning this must seem to be,

For a different color surely means no harm,

But the horrors that you cannot see,

And the taste is enough to cause serious alarm.

The difference is noticeable, even in the dark,

When touched, disgusting warmth you will know,

For it’s clear that someone else has left their mark,

In the curse of eating yellow snow.

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