Hypocrites of Giving Thanks – Poem

Be thankful for what we have on Thursday,
for others have it far worse than us.
Yet, we rush for the new on Friday,
For the great deals are a plus.

We tell our children to be thankful,
and to cherish what we already possess.
Yet, to greed is what we’re truly grateful,
For nothing is better than more for less.

The hypocrisy of giving thanks,
as we scramble to take more and more.
Overloading credit and emptying the banks,
just to buy more crap from a store.

Puppets on strings are the roles we play,
as we consume the world in the name of greed.
Why should our children listen to what we say,
when we kill and sacrifice to purchase beyond our need.

We’ve sold our souls to get more junk,
and soon our children will pay the same tole.
Unless we can remove this greedy funk,
and keep them from falling into the same empty hole.

O’joyous children, our hope, our future, our joy.
Be thankful, in life, in faith, every girl and boy.


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You Save Me – Poem

With every doubt I keep inside,

You give me the strength to fight,

With every moment I want to hide,

You give me the will to stand for what’s right.

With every nightmare that scares me within,

You give me the peace to sleep through the night,

With every mistake that I get trapped in,

You give me the determination to set things right.

With every negative that I have to face,

You give me hope to prove them wrong,

With every time my heart is nothing but empty space,

You give me love that keeps me strong.

With every problem that comes to call,

You give me a bright future for us to see,

And with your help I’ll make it through it all,

Because with every single day that passes, you save me.

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Fear taking hold – Poem

Fear overtakes all that you can defend,

Fear breaks all that you can mend,

Never let it take hold,

Never let it become bold,

Or the depths of your fear will never end.

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That’s Armageddon – Poem

The Devil is at your doorstep,

Devastation is seeping in,

Chaos at the windows,

Armageddon is about to begin.

Zombies are in the front yard,

Werewolves are circling around back,

All your defenses are weakening,

As they continue to find every crack.

Insects are swarming down the chimney,

Vampires are knocking at the door,

A Siren’s call is trying to lure you away,

And Grabboids are busting through the floor.

Your television is whispering for you to kill,

And your daughter’s head is spinning around,

Little worm-like things are jumping at your mouth,

And little critters are rolling on the ground.

With all of this happening, you fear what’s next,

But with a sigh of relief you can take a look,

Because those things aren’t really about to get you,

For you’re just reading a really, really good book.

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My Will – Poem

Though the darkness has tried to surround me time and again, I still stand tall.
Though life has tried to bring me down time and again, I will not fall.
Though the pain has tried to consume me time and again, I rise above it all.
Though I struggle to follow my dreams time and again, I will answer the call.
For I’m stronger than anything that can be thrown at me.
I’m far from done, so wait and see.
Those that doubt what I am meant to be.
Mark my words, you’ll be sorry.
I’m forever strong, for I am one of a kind.
I’m an Author, creator and destroyer of entire worlds within my mind.
For each path lost, a new one I will find.
To fate, my will is eternally intertwined.


Sorry for the gap in posts… Health and personal issues have made for a rough month… Back at it again.

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Quote 10-20-2016

Black and White answers for such heavily colored issues rarely make for valid solutions.

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In Your Voice – Poem

In your voice, I hear the truth,

And a hint of your sadness,

Blossoming are the sounds of your youth,

And even a touch of madness.

In your voice, I hear your hope,

And all the love you keep inside,

The will that you have to survive and cope,

And all the secrets you try to hide.

In your voice, I hear your strength,

And all the pain that you feel,

The power that drives you to go to any length,

And the faith that keeps you real.

With every word that you speak,

You know that you always have a choice,

The music of your soul will never become weak,

For this is the beauty I hear in your voice

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