The First Morning- Poem

The water is blue,
The meadows are green,
The sight of this view,
This sudden breathtaking scene.
The sweet smell cast from the passing showers,
And the dew glittering in the trees,
The birds are on the flowers,
And so are the bees.
The warm sun has blasted into view,
The beauty of it’s blinding light,
With all the colors of the rainbow shining through the dew,
Bringing joy to the first morning’s delight.
This was my first poem, written in 1994

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A Single Moment – Poem

A moment of pure love and friendship,
A moment of sadness and shame,
A moment of pure pain and hardship,
A moment you feel that everyone knows your name.
A moment you feel light as a feather,
A moment you feel hard as a rock,
A moment you wish you were in the shoes of another,
A moment you’re in total shock.
A moment you wish you were far away,
A moment you’re in total control,
A moment you wish you could just end the day,
A moment when you’re holding the pistol.
A moment of giving birth,
A moment of facing life’s end,
A moment you want to leave this earth,
A moment you look just around the bend.
A moment is too important to ignore,
A moment for yourself or with a friend,
A moment you must treasure forever more,
A single moment from beginning to end.

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Website Update and Something Special

Click below to visit the website.  Shattered Quadrant now has a blog link and logo, new quotes posted, and a chance to have a personalized poem made by me, details on website.  Take a look into my mind.

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When Couples Fight – Poem

Why do we argue so?
Why do we fight?
Is it to prove what we know?
Is it to say we’re right?
Did we get any answers yet?
Did one of us win?
Did one of us make a bet?
Will this start all over again?
Did fighting set us free?
Are we better now for it?
More questions are all I see,
Because fighting doesn’t help one bit!

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9/11 – Poem

On the day when Angels cried,
A terrible cloud twice filled the air,
When two javelins of death flied,
Igniting flames of death and despair.
On the day when two titans fell,
Hidden within their own tragic veil,
Heroes vanished within this Hell,
Even the best efforts could not avail.
On the day when our nation paid,
With thousands of souls that were lost,
Those voices will never again fade,
As we remember that terrible cost.
On the eleventh day of September,
The worst thing we could ever go through,
But as long as we remember,
Strength flows in the Red, White, and Blue.

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GMO – Poem

What in life is considered a deal,

What in life is actually real,

Everything is processed and fake,

How much more can our bodies take,

When death is served in every meal.

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Money – Poem

With a vile tone, we scream for it,

A terrible turbulent life it leads to,

With an insane cry, we plead for it,

Without it, people don’t know what to do.

With a greedy eye, we admire it,

Doing terrible things, just to get some more,

With desperate hands, we beg for it,

Turning to people we’d normally throw out the door.

With heavy hearts, we pray for it,

Asking God to do all our dirty work,

With sticky fingers, we steal for it,

Turning a nice person into a complete jerk.

With all the things we do to get it,

It’s a wonder that we haven’t all died out,

Because people are so willing to kill for it,

All it can bring is mistrust, pain, and doubt.

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