A New Year’s Blessing -Poem

God bless every soul that reaches out for tomorrow,

Surviving all the joy and all the sorrow.

God bless every heart that aches from the past,

Believing in dreams for a future that shall forever last.

God bless every eye that has ever shed a tear,

Wishing and praying for a brighter new year.

Finally, God bless this incredible night,

Where we can erase the pain and set things right.


Happy New Year!

Sorry for the absent blog the last week, but illness made the screen to much to look at.  I’m back at it now!

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Never Forget on Christmas – Poem

Never forget what Christmas really means, for money has no part to play.
Never forget that it’s in what we do, and never in what we say.
Never forget the most important present, which is hope for each and every day.
Never forget the power of love, for it can rescue those from the worst dismay.
Never forget that it’s not about yourself, for this world needs you in every way.
Never forget that it’s not about a holiday, for we should treat each tomorrow as we treat this Christmas Day.
Blessings and Joy.

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Quote 12.23.2017

“The only days that end in failure are the days you never begin.”

Original Publish date 2/1999

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A Christmas pledge 365 – Poem

Oh Christmas Day,
you are but once a year,
A celebration of joy,
A celebration of Cheer.
Why is it only once,
that we can see this clear?
Why do we ignore,
364 days of sadness and fear?
It’s great that we give,
and honor what we hold dear.
What about those that have nothing?
loneliness shown with every tear.
We should all make a pledge,
and hold ourselves sincere,
lets celebrate each and every day,
as if Christmas were here.

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My Christmas Wish to You this year!

Hey everyone,  Thank you for following my blog.  I really hope you’ve enjoyed my work and posts on here.  As many of you know, Christmas is very close.  If you don’t celebrate Christmas, I do hope you have a wonderful time in whatever your beliefs guide you to this time of the year.   I do have a small request, a wish as it were, from all of you.  Poetry isn’t my only material, and though I share my poetic words with you freely, the other stuff does cost money.  Fear not, I do my best to be inexpensive, but with a family of 5 (Me, wife, and three incredible kids), life does require I cannot give it all away (Wish I could).  My Christmas wish is that you purchase 1 of my three stories and books, and leave a review after reading.  Here are your choices.

Morning Warning:  A short story as an eBook and Audio Book.  eBook is only $0.99.  Link below :

Fairy vs Leprechaun: The Battle for Faith   Only available as an Audio Book


The Realities of Autism: Misconceptions is a non-fiction book researched over many years, including being Autistic and having 3 Autistic kids.  Available in eBook  and Paperback.  eBook is $2.99 and paperback is $9.99



Thank you all so much for reading, and watch out, because there is tons of stuff still to come!

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Working outside for winter – Poem

Gotta keep moving, man am I freezing.
Nose is in free flow and I swear I’m wheezing.
Coffee spilled all over my hand for the fourth time today.
Shivering so bad the cup dances this way and that way.
Just put on my third layer of hats over my frozen ears.
Its so freaking cold, I’m literally crying icicle tears.
I swear I’ve got frostbite from head to toe.
Eyes starting to hurt, I think they’re the next to go.
Every second I want to find a warm place to hide.
Oh, the joys of winter and working outside.

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Quote 12.18.2017

This planet has survived the worst kind of plagues the universe has thrown at it, and it will survive us….The question is, will we learn to live for the world, or simply continue to die for our own indulgence?

Original Post date (July 2013)

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