Memorial Day – Poem

They gave their lives,

To protect this land,

They gave their future,

So proudly we can stand.

They gave their families,

So we can have ours,

They gave their love,

To the strips and stars.

They gave their dreams,

And for that I say,

We give them our thanks,

On this and any other day

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Soldiers of the Lord – Poem

O come, soldiers of the Lord,

The battle continues for all that is true,

With faith our shield and God’s word our sword,

Destroying darkness with all that we do.

With our will guided by the light,

And our love for everything held dear,

Against evil we shall stand and fight,

For our faith has destroyed all fear.

We shall never yield, no matter the cost,

As long as we believe, we shall never fall,

For it we do, our very souls may be lost,

To the soldiers of the Lord, blessed be you all.

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Reasons why we need our Mom – Poem

If it weren’t for Mom,

We wouldn’t be here,

If it weren’t for Mom,

Our future wouldn’t be clear.

If it weren’t for Mom,

We wouldn’t have a clue,

If it weren’t for Mom,

We wouldn’t know what to do.

If it weren’t for Mom,

We wouldn’t know how to live,

If it weren’t for Mom,

We wouldn’t know how to give.

If it weren’t for Mom,

Our lives would not be whole,

If it weren’t for Mom,

Broken would be our soul.

If it weren’t for Mom,

We’d probably be trampled like a rug,

So the next time you see your Mom,

Smile, laugh, and give her a big hug.


Happy Mother’s Day!!

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Let’s make the United States great again – Poem

Here in the United States, they want to make the country great again.
Actions however, do not support the pledges they’ve made.
Why keep pushing on wars that we’ll never be able to fully win?
Why keep forcing our soldiers to fight while barely getting paid?

For the Government, to make America great again is all the fuss.
Yet they continue to ignore the very essence of what that means.
Why not spend more money to actually educate us?
Why not teach a good living to children and teens?

The Politicians keep claiming they know what is best.
Yet they take money away from the things keeping us alive.
How about we stop acting like the Earth’s worst pest?
How about we let nature once again be allowed to thrive?

They will claim they’re doing their very best to try.
We all know however, that’s at best, a nasty lie.
So instead of leaving our decedents to die.
Here are the important truths and the reasons why.

We need air to breath, which comes from trees.
We need water to drink, and we need the bees.
None of this should ever come with costs or fees.
For they’re a part of life and our liberties.

We need to stop using things like coal and oil.
We need to stop dumping chemicals into the soil.
We need to make water safe without having to boil.
We need to stop leaving our ecosystems in such turmoil.

Money shouldn’t define who we’re meant to be.
Money shouldn’t decide just how much we’re free.
Money shouldn’t dictate the fate of every animal and tree.
Money shouldn’t determine the worth of you or me.

Our country needs to update the power systems and wires.
Our country needs to update roads and replace tires.
Our country needs to invest in those that face crimes, emergencies, and fires.
Our country needs to protect the workers, from veterans to new hires.

We need to house the homeless and cure the ill.
We need to encourage our children to climb that metaphorical hill.
We need to stop letting the world pass as if we’re standing still.
We need to stop letting the Government control our will.

There is so much more that needs to be done.
So much more that is still left to do.
There is so much left for our world to have won.
The time is now, and America is in need of you.

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3 Haiku – Poems

Beautiful gift

Wonderful new life begins

Overwhelming joy





First cries can be heard

As a new mother pushes

Blessed newcomer





Faith keeps us going,

It rises through the ashes,

Saving all our lives.



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“With every victory comes another battle, and with every defeat comes another opportunity. The only thing that matters is taking the next step.”

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Graduation – Poem

Breathing deep,

Trying not to fall,

Nervous heap,

Taking in it all.

Walking slow,

Hearing relatives call,

Blinding glow,

Cameras lighting the hall.

Commencement is here,

I feel so small,

Fighting tear,

Memories to recall.

Future is now,

Life is changing it all,

Made it somehow,

To my graduation ball

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